Kali-Isa™ Breaks New Record in Sarasota, FL USA - 19.9% Kavalactones!

Kali-Isa™ Breaks New Record in Sarasota, FL USA - 19.9% Kavalactones!

Congratulations to Matt Masifilo at Kavafied for growing the highest Kavalactone plant ever recorded in America thus far! Masifilo's 2 year old Kali-Isa™ plant came in at a whopping 19.9% HPLC on its lateral roots, 12.5% Stump and 6% Lower Peeled Stems, making a total product that was 15.25% Kavalactones!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/254468744057556/permalink/276254861878944

Matt Masifilo of Kavafied and AluBall, proudly holding his American Grown Kava Plant
After two years of growing in full sun, this plant was harvested with ease. A simple garden hose spraying to loosen Sarasota's Myakka sandy soil, and a single handed straight arm lateral lift from the hulking 280lb former NFL Center, and in less than 4 minutes, the plant came out of the ground with ease. The plant was thoroughly washed, and dried, and tested by KavaLytics™, Kali Kava's official testing partner. The initial testing results were astonishing, although the deeply yellow roots were a tell tale sign that this root was nearly dripping with kavalactones.
The test results came back as 19.6% Kavalactones with KavaLytics™. it was difficult to comprehend a nearly 20% Kavalactone result so although KavaLytics™ is known to be within a few percent of an HPLC, the same roots were sent in for HPLC confirmation of Kavaactone content and Chemotype. HPLC test results came back even higher, at 19.9% with the same Chemotype, validating and confirming that Masifilo had grown the most potent kava ever recorded in mainland America!
Kavalytics Test results for Kali Kava grown in Sarasota Florida America

HPLC Test results for Kali Kava grown in Sarasota Florida America
It should come as no surprise that Masifilo lays claim to another kava industry 'First", as he has innovated some of the Kava industry's most revolutionary products such as the AluBall Shakers which makes kava with no mess in less than 60 seconds, and larger Magic Kava Bucket Automatic Kava Making Machines which have earned widespread popularity amongst the American Kalapus and Kava bars.


So everyone is wondering, "What the secret was to grow America's strongest kava ever recorded?" Was it a rare Pacific Cultivar reserved for royalty? Was it the gentle slopes and deep soil of idyllic paradise? As it turns out, the genetics were from Kali-Kava, the growing technique was "plant it and see", the terroir was unamended Myakka Sand on top of construction debris, and the irrigation was fed through an air conditioner condensate line. Not to mention the plant went through a hard freeze down to 29F for a week straight. Perhaps kava growing is just in Masifilo's blood? Either way, we're just getting warming up over here and we're excited to see how much further we can push these plants with some adjustments - or We'll just keep growing 20% Kavalactone kava here in Florida, either way stay tuned for American Grown Kava.

Congratulations again to Matt Masifilo at Kavafied for once again making American Kava history!

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Oct 22, 2023 • Posted by Lio Mahafutau

Great Job Matt. You are the true Kava King!!!

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