Our American Kava Cultivars

Our Kali-Kava™ American adapted Kava varieties have undergone extensive acclimation, adaptation and an accelerated selection process, which has lead to significant alterations in gene expressions in over 138 genes. The result is the creation of varieties that are able to tolerate temperature extremes from 28F to 115F in 10% humidity and full sun. Our varieties are characterized as having altered phenotypes presenting smaller leaves and a bushy appearance with a multitude of shoots at the base. 18 month old plants planted in double density (25,000 per HA) and grown in full sun generally yield 2-4lbs of fresh green kava with high potency lateral roots making up more than 60% of the total root mass. The most conservative estimate equates to 10,000kgs of DRIED kava per hectare in 18 months. That’s the power of Kali-Kava™!


A beautiful strong growing plant with green stems and purple nodes. Excellent 462 chemotype with 11.5% lateral roots at 18 months. Tolerates full sun.

Kali-Kea™ American Kava Plant
A 1 year old Kali-Kea™ Plant with over 30 shoots at the base.


Strong thick green stems with an abundance of raised spots. 462 chemotype with 10.4% Kavalactone lateral roots at 18 months. Tolerates full sun (short) or partial shade (tall).
Kali-Kau™ American Kava Plant


Low growing shrub-type kava with green spotted stems and short internodes. 463 chemotype with 10.8% Kavalactone lateral roots at 18 months.
Kali-Hina™ Kava Plant


Tall and vigorous growing with thick spotted stems and dark green leaves. Pest resistant. 256 chemotype and 18% Lateral roots at 18 months. Full sun preferred.
Kali-Kava™ Kali-ISA American Kava Plant

Analytical Testing and Quality Controls on our Genetics

We strive to provide the best genetics possible with predictable potency and chemotypes. We have extensively tested our plants at 18 and 24 months harvests to ensure that we are retaining the desirable qualities that make Kava enjoyable as a beverage and as a potential therapeutic product. 
Kali-Hiwa™ Lateral Roots – 462 Chemotype and 11.1% Total Kavalactones
Kali Kava™ Kali Hiwa American Kava Lab test result
Kali-Hiwa™ Crown Root – 642 Chemotype and 10.1% Total Kavalactones
Kali-Kava™ Kali-Hiwa™ American Kava Crown Stump Lab Test Results
Kali-Hiwa™ Peeled Chips – 642 Chemotype and 7.0% Total Kavalactones
Kali Kava™ Kali Hiwa Peeled Stump American Kava Lab test result
  Kali-ISA™ Lateral Roots – 254 Chemotype and 19.9% Total Kavalactones
Kali Kava™ - Kali ISA Kava lateral root HPLC