Kali Kava™ 2023 Harvests

Kali Kava™ 2023 Harvests


A few plants from one of the California Kali Kava™ Farms.
Kali Kava™ California Grown Kava Plants Harvested from Sacramento Farm

Some of the Kali Kava™ Plants Grown in Sarasota Below:

Some of the Boca Raton, FL Crop


The first ever commercial quantity of mainland grown kava plants are nearing maturity at multiple farms in both California and Florida. Our contract growers have invested in the American Kava Growers dream and it will be paying off every year. Our farms will harvest approximately 1/4 of their plants to fulfill our buyers needs who have long awaited this rare material. Kali Kava™ growers have submitted their samples to our partner analytics company, KavaLytics™, and the early harvest results are excellent. California grown material averaged 6.8% with 246351 Chemotype whereas Florida Grown Kava averaged 7.2% with 246531 chemotype. We're excited to combine these together into a homogenized product that will be sure to please the true Kava connoisseurs at the local Florida and California Kava Bars where this kava will be shipping in the next few months. Stay tuned for updates on where you can try this exquisite material!

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