Kali Kava – Kali Hiwa™ 18 Month Old Plant Harvest and Processing

Freshly harvested 18 month old Kali Kava™ Kali Hiwa™ Plant
Freshly harvested California Kava Plant

Here we harvest one of our Kali-Hiwa™ plants. This plant was first planted in April of 2017, and harvested in September of 2019. The plant produced over 2lbs of fresh green Kava with 60% of the weight being in the highly potent lateral roots. You can see how yellow these roots are due to the high concentration of kavalactones. The analysis came back at 11.1% total kavalactones. Enjoy the harvesting and processing of this plant below.

As you can see, there were a TON of lateral roots on this plant, accounting for nearly 70% of the total weight of the underground portion. With 11.1% Kavalactone content, we’ll take it!